Jazz Piano 'Education'

Jazz piano education goes beyond any book.  It goes beyond YouTube tutorial videos, too.  It even goes beyond jazz piano and the piano itself.  Do you see where I am taking you with this?  I am directing you to the source of true knowledge, to where a passion for education exists; the place from which any knowledge you may have, is digested and used when and where it is required.  True knowledge indeed rests... in the heart, and when mixed with emotion, passion and purpose, not even the holder of such power can imagine what is possible.

Once you have studied my book in its entirety, and understood what it means to be a Purposeful Pianist, learnt how to internalise jazz songs rapidly and fully comprehended how to see the notes as numbers and not letters, to aid in improvisation (Note Value Awareness), you must then begin to educate yourself in a way no book can teach... and only this blog can attempt to describe.

For the pianist, knowledge begins with recognition of your desires, your real, genuine interests in musical sound; what sounds do you like?  Why do you like them?  Close your eyes.  How do they make you feel, if anything at all?  Once you have recognised what you have an absolute connection with, acknowledge this feeling.  Study it.  Do you cry?  When you are alone, walking in the street or sitting on public transport, can you recreate these feelings in your mind musically?  Really give much brain power to what you have acknowledged so that your subconscious and fingers (yes, body follows mind) come into absolute harmony with each other.

At the piano next time, everything you play, write, improvise or listen to online, will be exactly to your taste and you will understand it; you will be able to recreate it and produce your own versions of it with ease.  With ease because it is a natural flow of what your heart and soul have created... it is not guessing, it is not forcing and it is not artificial.

So, it is easy to say that jazz piano education is simply reading books, even mine, which is very unique in content and style, listening to jazz and watching tutorials online, but what true education involves is something much more deep and personal, something which allows you to be yourself and to change the world, if you wish, with one honest composition or improvisation at a time.

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Good luck...