End of Year Updates

and a special offer.

As we enter the final month of 2016, I wanted to share a few updates with you.

I am currently working on two novels and a short story which I will finish next year.  I am fearful of putting a release date on them but I'd like to think they will be finished before summer comes.  As their completion nears, I will release details of them in an article on this blog, along with samples.  If you like my philosophies and writing style, I am quite sure you'll also enjoy the novels!

I have come to recognise that stories and ideas based on various teachings and wisdoms of life are constantly in my head and all I can do is write them down and share them with the world.  Expect more from danthecomposer in the form of 'dantheauthor' throughout 2017.

Speaking of books, for the month of December and perhaps the first week of January, all three of my books, if purchased via my blog (not Amazon), are set to "Pay how much you want".  The minimum ask is £1.  As you may know, I do not seek great fortunes from my efforts, I simply wish for my books and teachings to be read, heard and digested by as many people as possible, hence the regular low price and now also this special seasonal offer.

Regarding my YouTube channel, I will be posting more videos in the new year than ever before.  This is a promise.  I am investing in a new computer which will be faster, quieter and thus much more enjoyable to use.  I will also be able to edit my videos to make them look a little more professional, especially at the beginning.  I always record my videos in one take but I am unable to add, for example, an elegant intro, since I lose synchronisation between audio and video for the rest of the recording because my computer simply can't handle HD content editing!  It's 8 years old.  That's 80 in computer years.

This is all possible thanks to those of you who have purchased my eBooks but also to those generous souls who support me and the Water Pianism community on Patreon.  To all, I remain indebted to your kindness and trust that my unceasing output will continue to inspire you.

Considering the season, you may wish to learn some jazzed up Christmas songs.  Fortunately, I already have some tutorials for the most popular ones.  Try this one for starters:

In addition, I have been working on a second Water Pianism eBook.  This one is a free companion and is available via my Google Drive which also contains all scores for my tutorials, as well as my Newcomer's Welcome Booklet.

Do consider joining the Water Pianism Community via this link and following my regular Page to which I post all videos and articles as I publish them.

As always, I am openly contactable for your questions and comments: danthecomposer@gmail.com or the contact form to the left.

I wish you all a splendid end to 2016 and look forward to receiving your piano-y updates as 2017 progresses!  Requests for YouTube videos or article content always welcome.

Best to All,