Sessions With danthecomposer?

30-minute sessions available...

I would like to make myself more available to subscribers while at the same time, topping up my YouTube income because the algorithm has really given up promoting my videos. I would also like to be accessible to those who cannot afford regular weekly sessions and may feel forgotten.

Therefore, I am making myself available for 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, between 1pm and 4pm for 30 minute sessions. For this opportunity, I only ask 10 euros/dollars. To be fair to everyone, you can only book one per week and the 30 minutes must be strictly adhered to, for obvious reasons.

During a session, which can take place via WhatsApp or Skype, we can discuss your journey, progress, ambitions, or talk about improvisation, chords and technical exercises. Perhaps you might even have some content ideas for my channel!

At the time of writing, I am only able to begin on Friday, 7th April because I have a busy week until then which I cannot change, so feel free to get booking for Friday, the weekend and into the following week! I'll respond to your emails ASAP in a first-come-first-served way.

I have created a Google Calendar which contains an ongoing schedule as described above. I'm sure I'll refine it over time but for now, it looks like this: Sessions with danthecomposer - Simply email me at (or use the Contact Me thing on the left of this blog) and let me know which day and time you'd like to call. I'm available between 1pm and 4pm CET (Budapest) Monday to Sunday (unless it's not showing on the Calendar which means I'm unavailable that day). I can be a little flexible for specific requests if you have an extremely difficult time zone difference (such as New Zealand) and limited availability due to work/family commitments. Such arrangements need not be made public so won't appear on the Calendar.

Once the day and time has been confirmed by me, simply send the 10 US$/EUR to the email I will provide in the email response (it is not for PayPal so please don't send money to that!)

I look forward to being part of your destinationless journey, talking about Water Pianism and your mind and providing you with specific videos and advice to help in some small way to hold you accountable for your progress.