Just a Drop

of patience...

Having just this morning fallen upon a leaf of new shape and texture, this first drop was very eager to run to the tip and fall further into the tree's branches before soaking into the plain below but much to its frustration, a gust of wind came and forced it back onto the leaf's surface, forcing it to remain atop.

This angered the drop greatly.  Not only was it forced to remain in a position it did not want to be in, it was not in any position to move itself off the leaf to continue its much desired journey.

The leaf was large and soft, smooth and green and sheltered from the sun by a branch above; a  perfectly acceptable place to enjoy for a while, one may say.  The drop, during its efforts to relocate, was shocked by the sudden arrival of a second drop which fell directly in front.  This second drop observed the first doing its best to roll off the leaf but to no avail.  It laughed.

"Why do you laugh at me?", the first drop asked, "I am trying to get off this leaf to continue my journey!" it added angrily.  At that very moment, the second drop began to run towards the front of the leaf and, after a few seconds of elegant suspension, disappeared below without uttering a word.

The first drop became infuriated and started sitting on the leaf in a state of deep sulking, observing nothing but the tip of the leaf from where the second drop had earlier disappeared out of sight.  Eventually, it fell asleep.

A short time later, when the sun was higher in the sky, the first drop woke to realise it was moving at great speed.  Realising the leaf was nowhere to be seen, it suddenly saw the black spots of a large, hairy animal; a cheetah.  Racing through the tall grass, the wind was incredibly strong against the drop which was most fearful of the possibility of falling off the hunter so held on with all its might.

A few hairs away was the second drop again.  It began laughing at the first drop's sheer determination to hold on.

"Why do you laugh at me again?", the first drop asked, "I am trying to hold on because I don't want to fall off at this great speed!" it added with a fearful tone.  At that very moment, the second drop was flung away as the animal suddenly changed direction in pursuit of its prey.

The cheetah was then forced to run on the edge of a stream causing the first drop to be splashed into the water and leave behind the fierce creature to consume its well-deserved catch.

The stream flowed slowly which calmed the first drop for a while.  For many hours, it trickled along and passed many beautiful landscapes, animals and colours which were ignored because it wanted to leave the stream and reach a flat, empty plain where it could simply soak into the soil and remain in peace.

A short time later, the stream began to speed up as it approached a large river so the drop tried all it could to get to the side of the stream and be caught by an overhanging branch or other animal which may be quenching its thirst in the afternoon sun a few kilometres from where the drop was sure to meet the great river.

Its energy used up almost completely, the drop gave in and suddenly all went black.  Indeed, a fish had swallowed it!

Now disorientated and afraid of the darkness, it cried out for help and questioned where the light may be once again found.  He was ignored but for the chuckle of the second drop.  Unable to see, it cried out "Why do you laugh at me all the time?"  In the silence, it added, "I am afraid and wish to seek a way out!"

And with that, the fish was caught by a hungry eagle and pulled from the waters by the almighty power of the claws which gripped it.  Flying up high, the second drop fell to the great river still laughing as the first drop now feared the increasing height.

Finally, the eagle landed on the ledge of a cliff face and released the fish from its claws, the drop wondering what its fate will now be, hoping not to be ingested by this frightful bird.

A short time later, the fish had almost been consumed yet the drop remained because it had run out from the fish's body and into the twigs and dry grass of the nest.  Here it remained for a number of hours, the eagle long gone hunting for more food and the sun now a little lower in the sky.

The drop was lonely here and looked around for company, only to find none.  It looked out at the trees, waterways and wild animals yet saw nothing but distance between itself and them, not much different to when it was experiencing them.

Atop this warmed cliff surface, the unprotected sunlight shone and shone on the drop until it became light enough to float upwards.  With every passing second, the exhausted drop saw the plains draw further away, its original hope becoming less and less likely.

Before long, it joined other drops and formed a cloud.  Disliking the view, it complained about how it wished to be on the other side of the cloud so it did not have to face the ground below.

A laugh was heard.

"Oh, please, do not laugh once again!" called out the first drop, "You must finally tell me why you always laugh at me and then leave me with my discomforts!" it added in desperation.

Much to the first drop's surprise, a response came back.

"On the leaf, you were angered and wanted to leave; I was happy for the experience.  On the cheetah, you were fearful and wanted to cling on for your life; I was happy for the experience.  In the fish, you felt lost and wanted to escape; I was happy for the experience.  Now in this cloud, you are unhappy with your position and wish to be elsewhere whereas I am happy for this experience".

The first drop broke its silence after a long pause, "And how can you always be so happy?" it asked.

The second drop laughed one last time, "Because I enjoy the present experience, do not fear the next experience and never miss the previous experience".

The first drop remained silent, turned around and admired the beauty of the sunset below, felt the lightness of the cloud around, smiled at the gentle breeze passing by and watched the moon colour the changing landscape as it rose above.

Turning back to the second drop, "I hope to soon join you on a leaf", it said, laughing.

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