24 July, 2014

A few words...

Hello readers,

I have noticed over the last week since the 50% offer on my book started, that not really any more people are purchasing the book!

It has 210 pages, 100 audio files, is well-written, and I have 1 very good testimonial at the moment, but waiting for 5 more (to be very positive) to come.

The book, at £3.50, was already the cheapest, most rich-in-content book on jazz piano available on the internet, but to be priced now at £1.75 until 50 people buy it, is unbelievably cheap!

The reason I push this book is because I want as many people to learn the philosophy as possible; it is not for me to make money (look at the price!).

I do hope that you will view the promotion video on the book page and purchase it for such a tiny amount of money.  The book will truly change your playing, and perhaps your life, forever, in terms of piano playing and performance in the jazz idiom.

Perhaps if all the hundreds of readers who come here, but don't purchase, would be kind enough to let me know what is putting them off?

Many thanks!

11 July, 2014

My New Jazz Piano Book + Offer

Hello Dear Reader,

In an attempt to further motivate myself to finish my second book on jazz piano and composition and encourage its positive reception once published (as an eBook), I would like to invite the first 50 people to purchase my current jazz piano eBook for a reduced price of £1.75 ($2.20 or so) but in the simple request that you provide a testimonial for me for it so that I may place them on the book page of this blog.  Naturally, this will encourage others to purchase the book at the regular price and also provide you with:  a free copy of the new book!

Paypal records all sales so I will simply count to 50 and once it has been reached, I'll keep the list of email addresses and those who provide a testimonial for my page will receive the new book for free (to be priced at £3.99 otherwise).  So please, see to the right, or the book page itself, the Buy It Now button which is hosted by the excellent service of Sellfy, via PayPal, and you will receive the file (with audio) automatically!  Take your time to enjoy it and learn from it, then simply email me a little sentence with your name so that I may add it to my testimonials section on the book page.  Can't be easier than that!

In the meantime, I would like to inform you of my daily-updated jazz piano and beginner piano tutorials on YouTube.  I have created playlists for your ease of navigation and I would naturally encourage you to subscribe so you can keep up!  My approaches are philosophical so you will learn how to become a Purposeful Pianist both in jazz and on the piano in general.

Piano Lessons for Beginners Playlist

Jazz Piano Lessons Playlist

Here is my new quote:  Purposeful pianists are honest pianists; the best, because there is no friction between performance and emotion.

Thank you for your continued support!

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