Following the 'You' Method

Finding Your light...

There is only one reason why one feels that they are not making the progress they would like or believe is possible.  It is because they are seeking and confiding in methods.  Many believe that a method contains the key to becoming the pianist You, but how likely is it that you find a book written about Yourself, by someone else?

But, you may ask, how can one make progress without following a method?  My riposte would be:  Why don't you believe you can make progress without a method?

Enter from stage left:  The Ego!  Beautifully done, Ego.  Bravo.  Now remember, you don't have any lines so stay there in absolute silence.

Rather than go into detail (which I do here), let's just remember that the ego wants to ruin your life; that is it's only purpose, and your aim is to detach yourself from its noise as soon as possible.

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As shall be discussed in this article, trusting that your own method is the best one is one of those things the ego will simply do its utmost to not allow you to believe is true, let alone possible.  It wants methods! It wants immediate results page after page!  Well, it won't get them.  Let's see why...

In my Water Pianism philosophy, I use the phrase:  Methods are for some, Philosophy is for all.  This simply means that sometimes, someone can find a method which works for them, but if recommended to another, they may not find it as useful.  Sometimes, one never finds a suitable method at all.

Seeking a method may be likened to a cat chasing a fly:  after much energy is used up, the cat may never catch the fly so it goes and curls up on the sofa and sleeps.  Yet, when sleeping, the fly comes and lands upon the cat's nose.

This is a teaching in non-action, something the ego is greatly against.  "Go and do it, and do it right now!" it shouts to your weaker natural Self, "Listen to me!  Trust me!" it says, swinging a pendulum before you, lulling you into a false self of belief.

Be strong enough to ignore this noise, silence the ego and begin a journey of self-discovery.

Let it be understood that a method implies a starting point which implies an end point but any creative art in itself does not have an end point; it simply grows and grows as more and more unique individuals contibute something to it.  If only a method is followed, one can be said to be neglecting the self, the true source of inspiration and creativity, thus depriving the world of Your unique signature.

One would do well then to spend some time away from the piano to disover exactly what it is they believe they can give the world.  Find a direction, recognise your curret interests, abilities and amibitions and acquire knowledge as and when it is required to suit your own goals.  Listen to advice from those of greater experience who have walked a similar path.

If you bury you head in a method book, whether it works for you or not, your eyes are off the road; you become a boat without a rudder, just floating wherever current (the book/method/course) happens to take you, with no say in direction.

Your ego will tell you that you are not good enough to go alone because you have no experience; that a guiding hand is necessary to walk alongside you and 'show you the ropes', so to speak.  Your ego is wrong.  Playing the piano is simply putting some combination of 10 fingers on 88 keys.  Sometimes you play some of them together, sometimes you press them harder and sometimes softer; once your twelve major scales are mastered and you have spent a good deal of time working on upper body, arm and finger tendom strength, plus identified your musical personality, you truly are ready and able to become your own method and cut your ow path in the world of Pianism.

A funny fact about the You Method is that it changes over time, so not even You can write a book about your own method!  What chance, then, does anyone have in following an unchangeable method book and hoping for progress?

Remember:  You are always only as good in the present as the effort and focus of the past.

Your method is unique and unlike any other.  This single truth is what is so difficult for the ego to accept; it wants to be like others, it wants to believe there is a magic formula to playing really well and that it can be found in a book or method.  The sooner this ego is ignored and detached from, the more natural, true to the Self and rapid your development will be.

Do not be a dog tied to a tree.

So, where are you going now that you're free...?

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