A Word in Your Ear?

A little announcement...

At a rate of about 3,000 words/day for the last few weeks, with a few days off, I have been putting together a podcast series for your enjoyment, education and enlightenment.  I am doing this, apart from the previous three reasons, because not everybody wants or has the time to watch 20+ minute videos and because many people simply like to listen to content instead of watch videos at all or read long articles.  See my efforts as a way of keeping up with market trends and user behaviour.

Samples and updates are on this dedicated page:  click here.

The content has been divided up into three categories:  the philosophies / theory and exercises / jazz and composition.  Each category will have at least ten episodes and each episode is at least twenty minutes.  I am writing them up so that I don't forget anything and so that I can find the perfect order for said content.  It will total around ten hours altogether.  You will have the opportunity to buy a category individually, as a duo or all three together and they will be priced, just like with my eBooks, very cheaply so that I can buy some butter for my bread and a glass for my water while not depriving anybody of such beneficial material.  It is important that you understand I do not do anything for financial reward but I do ask that you realise my landlord and service providers see things differently!

It is based on the Water Pianism philosophy which is not a method but instead a collection of thoughts, realisations and self-discovery questions that lead you on your true path while avoiding extremes and personalising, then prioritising what you need, when you need it, and overcoming any ego interference.  Some people have even applied the teachings to life away from the piano... imagine that!  As I refine and write more, I shall post episode titles and some sample paragraphs.  The introduction episode will be freely available and also appear on my YouTube channel.  

The podcasts will be available via all regular podcast channels (think Apple, Google and various smartphone/store options) as well as by direct download from a page I shall place here on my blog leading you to both Sellfy and Payhip, just like my eBooks, where you can download and unzip an organised MP3 folder.

At the time of writing, June 19, 2018, I can say that I hope to finish writing them all by the end of July, then it will take about a week to speak them all and edit them to perfectly listenable audio files.  I will also be including real piano samples to demonstrate points, especially for the technical and jazz categories, so that will be a little more work.  I must then organise everything and set it up online so perhaps a few more days (excuse me for writing out loud, here; it's for my benefit too!) - let's tentatively say the middle of August they should be ready but please do follow my Facebook page and new Instagram profile for instant updates!  To meet like-minded Water Pianists, join the WP Community on Fb!

Away from my blog, I am trying to maintain a schedule of 5-7 videos/month and am also working on some poem-novels which I also hope to publish later in the year, plus some compositional melodies which have been floating around my head.  If you're unaware of my compositions:  my SoundCloud.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on FB or IG for updates :)