Learn with Me

Would you like to become a student of my Water Pianism Philosophy?

In deciding to make myself available for virtual 1-on-1 piano sessions via Skype, I had to think how to best select potential students as well as how to make the application process beneficial and quick.

It is important not to let myself be taken advantage of by people who are not yet entirely serious about piano studies for whatever reason or who are not familiar with my philosophies or videos and just want a cheap (albeit beneficial and inspirational) piano tutor for a "bit of fun".

My time is valuable to me, as is your piano progress and mental development, so I want to know that any potential student is dedicated, genuinely interested in my work and will not waste my or their time on not taking the session or the time between sessions seriously.

In concordance with the above, I have created an information and application document which you may request via email: danthecomposer@gmail.com or via the Message Me form to the left of the blog.  If you can write one or two words about why you are interested, it will encourage me to trust that you would be a suitable student.

Below are some basic conditions taken from the document for your general interest and to help you decide if you are yet ready to apply:

Becoming a Water Pianist is an incredibly rewarding existence for not only will You become perfectly balanced and patient in Mind but equally as strong and able in Body; both at and away from the Piano.

Before applying, please ensure adherence to the following three requisites:

1.     Immediate access to some kind of piano/keyboard and a webcam;
2.    An absolute mastery of all twelve Major Scales away from the piano;
3.    A general sense of honest intentions, goals and hopes.

As part of becoming a Water Pianist, the following Three Daily Practice Promises must also be made as a matter of course.  They have been established for Your own benefit, are best performed mindfully and must take place away from Your physical piano:

1.     Daily time dedicated to internal piano for song, chord and/or scale enhancement;
2.    Daily time dedicated to shoulder, upper/forearm and/or finger dexterity and/or tendon flexibility enhancement;
3.    Daily time dedicated to appropriate and/or general musical knowledge enhancement.

I have very fairly set my price at $25USD/1 hour session (which is around 22 Euros/17 Pounds).  The first session is paid in advance but if you decide to continue regularly, I politely request 4 lessons pre-paid in advance as a guarantee to you and I of genuine interest and dedication.

This price is at least 50% cheaper than the average price for a piano teacher (for which you must also travel to their home) that I found via online searches (but please do your own if you want further confirmation).

In addition, you will receive help when required between sessions for no extra cost via email from the comfort of your own piano stool plus of course my blog and YouTube videos are always free anyway.  Once I have a healthy number of students, I will create a Secret Facebook Group so that you may all discuss your progress with each other and form a Water Pianist's community!

I am based in Budapest which is GMT+1 time and I am available, in general, between 12pm and 12am (I'm a true night owl) so I can accommodate students around the world from Los Angeles to Sydney without any problem.

I look forward to your request and acceptance of my application process.  I want the most dedicated students who believe in my philosophy of Mind > Body > Piano and who believe in themselves.  Anything less would be an error for both of us from the very beginning.

As a student, you will also receive a free copy of the Water Pianism Philosophy book.

Many thanks,

Dan (danthecomposer)