A Word in Your Ear?

A little announcement...

I have finally completed the first edition of:  Water Pianism - The Podcast, for your enjoyment, education and enlightenment.  I have done this, apart from the previous three reasons, because not everybody wants or has the time to watch 20+ minute videos and because many people simply like to listen to content instead of watching videos at all or reading long articles.  Also, see my effort as a way of keeping up with market trends and user behaviour and preferences.

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Samples (first 30 seconds of every episode) and purchase links are on this dedicated page:  click here.

The content has been divided up into three categories:  the philosophies / theory and technical exercises / jazz piano and composition.  Each category has ten episodes and each episode is at least twenty minutes.  It totals over twelve hours altogether and includes real piano audio samples where necessary.  For the most part, however, you are strongly encouraged to use your internal piano and listen at your piano to practise what I discuss.

The Podcast series is based on the Water Pianism philosophy which is not a method but instead a collection of thoughts, realisations and self-discovery questions that lead you on Your true path while avoiding extremes and personalising, then prioritising, what you need, when you need it, and overcoming any ego interference.  The introduction episode is on YouTube here:

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The podcast is available as a direct download from this page:  click here (new window).  It leads to a page containing purchase options where you can download and unzip an organised MP3 folder for transfer to your listening device.  The total file size is around 600MBand requires WinRAR or 7Zip to unzip.

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In other news, I am trying to maintain a schedule of 5-7 videos/month and am also working on some poem-novels which I also hope to publish later in the year, plus some compositional melodies which have been floating around my head.  If you're unaware of my compositions:  SoundCloud.  Also, following this podcast series, I have a strong desire to do a free, weekly, regular podcast in which I discuss my favourite comments on the previous week, no matter which video they appeared on (since I respond to all comments) and to expand upon them, share audio examples and give more thoughts.  I do this to further interact with my audience and to provide yet another source of education and wisdom.  I will update via social media as necessary.