Water Pianism Syllabus


Are you in...?


For the price of only two or three regular piano lessons, you are giving yourself access to a (piano) life-changing opportunity: not just a destinationless journey of Mind, Body and Piano mastery but a personalised learning curve which will provide you with everything You need to go beyond what you would otherwise dare to believe possible from yourself. Your path is unique. Your learning method and speed of acquisition of skills and knowledge is unique. Your musical personality is unique. No book has ever been, nor ever will be written just for You.

This is where my Water Pianism Syllabus comes in.

For more precise information on the topics and philosophies involved, I invite you to read the updated, five-page Syllabus Overview Document.

Included in the one-off price is: the complete syllabus, a free copy of Water Pianism – The Guide (eBook, available separately if you'd like to read it without the syllabus), primarily because you will be asked to share your interpretation and understanding of its content as part of the introductory process, just so that we're both on the same page, so to speak. Also included is a one-off, no time-limit audio call consultation with me, danthecomposer, during which we discuss your past, present and future piano life, your personalised wants and needs, as well as your minimum expectations (which we shall surpass). Feel free to share progress reports or ask questions as part of your progress. 

You will not be alone on your journey.

It is $100 for all that is outlined above, which is reduced to $80 if you choose to register on my Video Management Website which is a great way to navigate through my large and ever-growing video bank. You can make this purchase directly via PayPal (correct email address provided when you write to me expressing your desire to go ahead with the syllabus at: danthecomposer@gmail.com - it's a different address for PayPal so don't send any money to this one!)

It will take anywhere from six to eighteen months to fully master the syllabus, during which you are of course encouraged to work on some personalised repertoire, listen to a lot of music and do some extra relevant studying at your leisure.

The syllabus, demanding as it may be, does not at all take the fun out of music; it renders your learning and performance of enjoyed repertoire sublime… if you are consistent in your efforts! I think that you will be because the syllabus is all about You and Your needs, not what anybody thinks you should be doing their way!

Here’s to self-mastery at and away from the piano and I hope to welcome you as a Water Pianist soon!

I'll be waiting: danthecomposer@gmail.com

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