Water Pianists' Progress Playlist

Watch and learn from others...

Franz Liszt pushed his students to perform in front of others, no matter how nervous they were and no matter their talent.  It was healthy for both:  performing under pressure and developing self-confidence while giving others a chance to hear what was possible, what mistakes to avoid and, most importantly, all feeling part of a community, no matter whether sat at the piano or in the audience.  Everything was geared towards progress in all its forms.

With this is mind, and as part of my new plans for 2020, I would like to encourage subscribers of my channel to share their progress and be part of a growing community of Water Pianists.  All you need to do is make your own video, upload it to your own channel with a suitable title and description of what you're doing (plus a permission for me to include it in the new Water Pianists Progress Playlist, along with a link to the playlist itself for your own viewers to find who are unaware of my channel) and send me the link to it (email, Facebook, blog contact form to the left or YouTube comment) so I can add it.  The playlist will be ordered by 'Most Recently Added'.  You can choose to keep your video as an 'unlisted link', which means it can only be viewed by those who have the link (meaning, those who are looking through the playlist) and not by a search or even random people looking at your YouTube account's uploaded videos.  It's your choice but it must either be published or unlisted.  You may remove your video from the playlist by deleting your video or asking me.

You may speak in the video, just play or a mix of both.  Whatever you share, of any (sensible) duration (3-15 minutes or so), will benefit many, in many ways.  As you may know by now, Water Pianism is not about ego but self-mastery, own path and serving others so I hope you'll consider getting involved with such a community and mindset.

Next, I have a new online store which sells all my eBooks and Water Pianism Podcast episode categories.  You are able to make multiple purchases at the same time which is a great convenience for many and it's totally secure.  However, if you would prefer to support my work on Patreon, click here to learn how.

Finally, I just wanted to add a personal note to thank you for being part of my channel.  To know that 100,000 people find benefit in my content is most humbling.  It is my purpose to spread wisdom, encourage self-mastery and create educational, motivational and inspirational communities.  I have big plans for the future away from YouTube and the piano world (but they will be included) so do watch this space!

Now, onwards and upwards with 2020 with this first video on chord labelling!

Thank you.