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And moving forward...


The poll text, comments and up-to-date results can be seen here but after almost 350 voters, 50+ comments and a few emails, it's very clear to me what subscribers want:  short technical exercise videos, a bit of improvisation, less jazz tutorials (which doesn't mean none) and more pop/film music on the piano for demonstration purposes.


Such as this recent example!

None of this means that I will throw away my integrity.  I will aways remain philosophical, always promote and mention the Water Pianism phillosophy, always push major scale mastery, always encourage personalisation, never spoonfeed any repertoire and constantly push people to use their minds and internal piano away from the piano.  The main changes are simply shorter videos, especially with technical exercises, along with using less jazz repertoire to demonstrate points (theoretical, improvisational, performance styles, etc.)

I am also uploading videos at 4-5 per week so be sure to check back frequently and certainly to press the bell to receive regular notifications.  You would also do well to follow me on Instagram because I notify of all new uploads there, sometimes in advance.  This will benefit both of us because as you can imagine, it's quite disappointing to make so many videos for 110,000 subscribers and only 1,000 people view them over a week.  In fact, it's infuriating because I'm aware of the main reason for why this happens (YouTube's sick algorithm).  All I can do is give you all what you want and need, as frequently as possible and hope that you check back more frequently.

In other news, I am in the background working with a very kind gentleman on a new website.  The purpose of this website is to put all my videos in special playlists (not only the YouTube ones but others, too) and allow you to register and make your own playlists.  The website will also share blog articles and have links to Patreon, compositions, social media, my online shop and offer a daily recommended video, amongst other goodies.  It will be ready in November so do watch out for my notification of that and become one of the first to sign up!  It's all free, of course.

I already wrote an article on a Water Pianism syllabus but I'm thinking about it now in a bit more detail and I will no doubt start putting something together over the coming weeks and months.

So in the meantime, thank you for your support and please enjoy all the links above!  I close with a recet video...