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Bite-sized repertoire


An interesting shift in the content of my channel has recently taken place.  I've come to understand that subscribers like me to take a song and play it over 3-4 videos, each video focusing on only one element.  I am therefore making such videos in between regular technical and philosophical content.


These videos will benefit you because I don't just give you the melody, chords and performance tips but encourage you to find your own style, visualise everything away from the piano and to experiment with different rhythms, as well as enhancing your playing in general.  Of course, whatever you learn in one song's miniseries, you can apply to all other jazz repertoire!


Here is part one of Fly Me to the Moon, giving you the melody:

Here is the video for the chords to it.  Note that learning jazz repertoire is about putting collections of common chords together, not having to remember every chord individually:

Here is the third video in which I give some enhancements for the left hand chords and right hand melody:

Part 4 specialises on intros and outros because it's quite boring to play a song immediately from the first melody note:


To date, I have also done three videos on the infamous Misty.  If you follow all three, you'll never play it the same as anyone else ever again!

Part 1:  

Part 2:  

Part 3:  

Requests are welcome.  At the moment, Emily is next... but I'll also do some classical and contemporary things, too.  I also hope you're enjoying the new thumbnails!


To close, here is a nice little video on playing melodies using the major scale notes alongside the chromatic chords of the same key.