New Thumbnails Galore



I finally accepted, after much research and demonstrable proof, that thumbnails are necessary for better YouTube performance so I have made some thumbnails for a few old videos, as shown below and have started to make unique ones for all new videos; this shall continue indefinitely.


It's very hard since I'm not a graphic designer but I'm having fun learning.  I've come to understand that font type, spacing, layout, empty space, colour matching and not too many words are important so bare with me as I, hopefully, improve.


The thumbnail to this article is for this video, which you may enjoy watching since it's very important and beneficial, no matter your path:


I have also created three videos (so far) for a mini-series on Ragtime piano, so you can enjoy those here:


I've been looking back over my older videos and identifying the popular ones which need a new thumbnail, so I did one for this video:


I also discovered some tutorials that could do with a shorter, more modern version... Fly Me to the Moon, for example, whose thumbnail I like a lot!

Thank you for watching!